Principles of Design

December Afternoon

Grant Wood

Emphasis – The red box shows where the emphasis is. I think the horse and the person is the emphasis becuase they are in the center of the page and they are looking at each other.

Movement – The red rectangle and arrows show movement. My eye starts at the horse and person because it is the point of emphasis. Next, it moves to the sleigh becuase it is big and close to the bottom. Then it moves up towards the door and roof becuase of the white snow. After that, my eye moves towards the tree’s branches and then down towards the wooden wall. Finally, it goes back towards the emphasis and the white snow. 

Contrast – One example of contrast is that in one blue circle it is very dark and black while in the other blue circle it is white. Another example of contrast is that the red rectangle on the roof looks like it has a smooth texture, but the red square looks like it has a rough texture.

Balance – This painting is asymmetrical. The painting is balanced out by the sleigh and house on the left side, and the horse and tree on the right side.

Scale & Proportion – This painting is 9 x 11 7/8 in. Grant made this painting very proportional to real life. The child is smaller than the sleigh so they can ride in it, and the horse is big enough to pull the sleigh. The sleigh, child, and horse combined are all smaller than the house.

Repetition and Rhythm – Wood repeated the colors black and white as you can see in the red rectangles and blue circles. Wood created rhythm by using a lot of vertical straight lines and some horizontal straight lines.  

Unity – The unity is this painting was created by the repitition of the straight lines and the repeated use of black and white.  



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